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Título: Eye of the Observer
Autores: Souza, Teotónio R. de
Data: 22-Out-2016
Editora: Goan Observer
Resumo: The naive Observers and not so naive Observatories, often serving as civilian fronts for NGOs, need themselves to be watched, especially if they are recipients of foreign funds. Whether they like it or not, their activities would in most cases cease to be viable without foreign funding, which hardly ever comes without strings attached, without explicit or implicit preconditions. Free lunches are rarely included in the capitalist menu. If many of the NGOs are linked to religious institutions, they too do not draw their funds from any celestial bank, and cannot function merely by God’s grace.
Descrição: Este é o meu primeiro artigo de opinião publicado neste semanário em Goa.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/7393
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