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Título: Preliminary Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Eating Inventory for Athletes
Autores: Palmeira, António Labisa
Veloso, S.
Falcão, M. J.
Dosil, J.
Data: 2008
Resumo: The field of eating disorders among athletes has recently been Preliminary Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Eating Inventory for Athletes Palmeira, A.L.(1); Veloso, S.(1); Falcão, M.J.(1); and Dosil, J.(2) Table 2. Exploratory Factor Analysis and Cronbach’s Alpha the focus of several publications, reflecting a growing field of interest and research (Dosil, 2008). Some sports demand a strict compliance to restrictive diets at different times of the competitive season, while others like, some types of gymnastics emphasize the thinness of the athletes. Hence there is a need to develop sound measures to evaluate the athletes eating habits and possible eating disorders. The Cuestionario de Hábitos Alimentarios del Deportista (CHAD), is one of these measures. It comprises 5 dimensions: i) Weight Gain Anxiety (e.g. If I eat too much I regret it afterwards; 12 items); ii) Body Image Worries (e.g., I’m always thinking about my body; 6 items,); iii) Irritability (e.g., If the coach speaks about weight matters, I feel anxious; 7 items); iv) Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction with Body Image (e.g., I’m satisfied with my appearance; 5 items); and v) Dieting (e.g., When the season ends, I keep practicing so that I don’t gain weight, 4 items).
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