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dc.contributor.authorPalmeira, António Labisa
dc.contributor.authorVeloso, S.
dc.contributor.authorFalcão, M. J.
dc.contributor.authorDosil, J.
dc.description.abstractThe field of eating disorders among athletes has recently been Preliminary Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Eating Inventory for Athletes Palmeira, A.L.(1); Veloso, S.(1); Falcão, M.J.(1); and Dosil, J.(2) Table 2. Exploratory Factor Analysis and Cronbach’s Alpha the focus of several publications, reflecting a growing field of interest and research (Dosil, 2008). Some sports demand a strict compliance to restrictive diets at different times of the competitive season, while others like, some types of gymnastics emphasize the thinness of the athletes. Hence there is a need to develop sound measures to evaluate the athletes eating habits and possible eating disorders. The Cuestionario de Hábitos Alimentarios del Deportista (CHAD), is one of these measures. It comprises 5 dimensions: i) Weight Gain Anxiety (e.g. If I eat too much I regret it afterwards; 12 items); ii) Body Image Worries (e.g., I’m always thinking about my body; 6 items,); iii) Irritability (e.g., If the coach speaks about weight matters, I feel anxious; 7 items); iv) Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction with Body Image (e.g., I’m satisfied with my appearance; 5 items); and v) Dieting (e.g., When the season ends, I keep practicing so that I don’t gain weight, 4 items).
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dc.titlePreliminary Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Eating Inventory for Athletes
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