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Título: As Narrativas Biográficas e as metodologias de investigação-acção sobre a memória e o esquecimento
Autores: Leite, Pedro Pereira
Fantasia, Ana
Data: Jun-2013
Editora: Marca D' Água
Relatório da Série N.º: Actas do Congresso
Resumo: The integration of Biographical Knowledge in research processes is a methodological proposal of critical empiricism that shifts the centre of production of knowledge to the research objects. We try to show haw Biographical Narratives can allow bypassing the locks and the deviations from real observation by the researcher and focus is work on actors in process. In the critique of the Eurocentric paradigm and is production of hegemonic scientific discourses by Bonaventura Sousa Santos (Santos, 2000) proposes the "south epistemologies" as a research process and the inclusion of knowledge of actors as the research field. In the article we will try to look at the process of production of biographical narratives using the tools of south epistemological proposal. We start reviewing the methodologies working on biographical objects. Then we present the preliminary studies and research we have been doing in communities in southern Mozambique in Djabula Community Centre. These results should be completed with other works on the ground, and now we opened as a collaborative process discussion on African Studies community. The project will be completed in the coming months, through the proposal of a "House of memories" to develop with the local population through articles, stories, sounds and dances that are chosen and will support the chosen narratives by the community. The projects created with local players, from their problems allow rapprochement and dialogue between the different knowledge.
Descrição: Intervenção no Painel "Narrativas Biográficas" no 5º ECAS
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/3942
ISSN: 2182-7613
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