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2012Sexual presence and intentional dynamics: deviant and non-deviant sexual self-regulation from the first person stanceRenaud, P.; Nolet, K.; Chartier, S.; Trottier, D.; Goyette, M.; Rouleau, J.-L.; Proulx, J.; Bouchard, S.
2012Emotion recognition in multiple sclerosisPinto, C.; Gomes, F.; Moreira, I.; Rosa, B.; Santos, E.; Silva , A. M.; Cavaco, S.
2012Social perception gaze patterns, symptom severity and resting brain function measured using Arterial Spin LabellingDiamandis, L.; Saitovitch, A.; Lemaitre, H.; Grevent, David; Chabane, N.; Phillipe, A.; Brunelle, F.; Boddaert, N.; Zilbovicius, M.
2012Eye tracking data representation and visualization : on information and communication studies at CETAC.MEDIAMealha, O.; Veloso, A.; Almeida, Samuel; Rodrigues, R.; Roque, L.; Marques, R.; Manteigueiro, C.
2012Visual strategies used during the performance of an obstacle courseSantos, Inês P.; Pereira, Leonor Moniz
2012Eye movements of beginning and more skilled readersSardeira, Marina; Pereira, Leonor Moniz