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2011Reading hybrid texts : remarks on text/image transitionsBaptista, Adriana; Faria, Isabel Hub; Luegi, Paula
2011Using eye-tracking to study anaphoric relations processing in European PortugueseCosta, Armanda; Matos, Gabriela; Luegi, Paula
2011Using eye-tracking to detect reading difficultiesLuegi, Paula; Costa, Armanda; Faria, Isabel Hub
2011Attention to health cues on product packagesOrquin, Jacob; Scholderer, Joachim
2011Attention and selection behavior on ‘universal search’ result pagesMöller, C.; Schierl , T.
2011Find the difference! : eye tracking study on information seeking behavior using an online gameJózsa, E.; Hámornik , B. P.
2011Low cost eye tracking for human-machine interfacingLemahieu, Wounter; Wyns, Bart
2011Visual efficiency detection index : a new composite measure of visual searchKovesdi, C.; Barton, B. K.; Rice , L.
2011Hemispheric asymmetries in recognition memory for negative and neutral wordsOliveira, Jorge; Gamito, Pedro; Perea, Maria; Ladera, Valentina; Morais, Diogo; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Saraiva, Tomaz
2011Attentional orienting to biologically fear-relevant stimuli: data from eye tracking using the continual alternation flicker paradigmRosa, Pedro Joel; Gamito, Pedro; Oliveira, Jorge; Morais, Diogo; Saraiva, Tomaz